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Hi! Welcome to the shop.
Feel free to browse the gallery below, and if you are interested in buying any of the plants, send me an email (info@haworthia.cz), with the order numbers and quantity.
I try to keep the shipping as low as possible, but still, it usually starts around 6 Euros.
I do not usually supply Phytosanitary certificate, but if you find it mandatory, include it in your e-mail and we can figure something out ;)

I have created a guide on keeping haworthias as well!

I also have an E-bay account, but I do not post there too frequently (the fees are too high, it is cheaper here for both you and me)

Sending plants outside EU is on your own risk! Because of the fact that I have no control over the shipment after leaving our country, I cannot take responsibility for delays or other problems at customs or the postal systems in the country of destination

We apologize, but the shop is closed until March of 2019, come back then for some sweet plants!
If you wish to be notified via an E-mail once the shop reopens, send me an E-mail. The update will also be posted on my FB page ASAP.