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Acclimatization Guide

Acclimatization of sent plants

Plants, that you bought are grown in South Bohemia – a place with warm summers (the temperatures go a bit above 30 degrees Celsium), and cold winters (down to -10 degrees). I have them in permeable soil, in indirect sunlight with good ventilation – during summers, I have two strong fans on at all times. I water the plants between March and mid July. The second half of July and all of August, I do not water them at all, no matter the size or age. The second period, when plants grow is from September to November, so you can water them. During winter, the days are short and there isn´t much of sunlight, so I just keep a steady temperature (bit above 0 degrees) and I do not water the plants.

Before shipping, your plants were left out of soil for 2 days, for them to dry, so they don´t rot in the package. During the whole shipping, they were in dark, without water, so the WORST thing you can do to them upon opening the package is place them in sunlight and water them. Don´t worry, if the plants seem a bit roughed up, thats normal, and they will get better soon :)

Now, what you should do, is, as I said before, plant them in permeable soil, or even an anorganic substrate. I have very good experience with black soil with hard sand, or clear perlite. If you have enough money to spare, you can buy a special soil: “akadama”. It is very expensive, but it´s simply the best.

Now, that you planted your flowers, keep them in shade for 2 weeks without water. During the third week, you can occasionaly spray a bit of water on them in the evening, when it´s cold, but only so much,that they dry until the morning. At the start of 4th week, you can move them to partial shade and water them once a week regurarly. Ever since I started growing haworthias, not a single one died from not having enough water, but many of them rotted, because I gave them too much. So do not be impatient! With haworthias, it is better to water them less than more.

In the wild, Haworthias go through two cycles. In the first period, it is pretty cold, with temperatre around only 20 degrees. In this part, the plants grow very fast. Next is a very hot period without rain. When this happens, the plants absorb water from their thick roots, shrinking them in the process, until the whole plant gets sucked underground, The plant then waits, until the hot air is gone, completely dryed out, in shade without water.

This behaviour is geneticaly coded into your plants as well, so changes in size are normal. Because of all of this, you should not water them, when it is hot. The plant does not expect it, rots, gets moldy and eventualy dies. It is always better to water them when it is colder.

That is for the basics, but if you want something extra and your plant is in a good condition, you can enhance the colors of your plant, by placing the plant in direct sunlight for a few hours each day. You can experiment with this on your own, but I can recommend the afternoon sunlight. It always worked better for me.

And finaly one last note: Even with the best care, your plant might lose all of its roots. Occasionaly, you might have even had a rootless plant from me. But you needn´t worry, it is not a big deal. Haworthias change their roots once a year and sometimes, the old ones fall off before the new ones grow to take their place. All you need to do, is place the plant in shade and sprinkle a bit of water on it for about two weeks. In the end, the new roots should already be fully grown.

I wish you all the best with Haworthias! Do not get easily discouraged by some mistakes and stay faithful to these beautiful plants. :)

All the best, Michal